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Steam Carpet Cleaning Katy

Steam cleaning, also called hot-water extraction method, is a popular carpet cleaning method, as it is very effective. Steam cleaning actually does not use steam but uses hot water. The temperature of this hot water is usually between, 150 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot water with high temperature and pressure is sprayed on the carpet. Water sprayed with a high pressure helps the particles and dirt on the carpet to loosen. Then, the dirt that is forced to come out is sucked with the help of a vacuum cleaner and stored in a holding tank. The water used is mixed with a detergent or cleansing solution. Our Cleaning Techniques

Steam cleaning is considered one of the best deep cleaning methods for carpet cleaning. Moreover, hot water kills the bacteria, fungus and dust mites. Thus, the carpet is anti-allergic after steam cleaning. It is always preferable to consult a professional carpet cleaner when you want to use this method for cleaning carpet, as they are aware of the type of fabric and the temperature of water required for every carpet fabric. Truck-mounted hot water extraction is the unit used by most of the professionals. Steam carpet cleaning machines are also available on rent, so if you do not want to hire a professional, you can go for this option. Steam cleaning will require a rather large investment.

This is easily the most common professional carpet cleaning technique. Steam cleaning uses hot water at high pressure to penetrate into carpet fibers, breaking down the dirt and bacteria stored deep within.

The hot water is then extracted via vacuum.  This is where the technical name “hot water extraction” comes from.

The cleaning process begins with the application of a cleaning agent onto the target area.  The cleaning agent is then spread via brush, break up dirt.  The actual hot water extraction only comes into play once the cleaning agent is given time to do its work.

Steam cleaning can take an hour to clean an average home, and twice that for carpet to dry.  Offices and other commercial properties can take much longer.  Performing commercial cleaning jobs later in the day is a common practice as the it can allow time for carpets to dry overnight.

In some cases though, a few hours of damp carpets simply isn’t an option.

Commonly known as steam carpet cleaning, hot water extraction cleaning use high pressured hot water to agitate the carpet fibre and dissolve dirt in the carpet.

Hot water extraction cleaning typically involves application of cleaning agent on soiled surface, agitation of carpet with brush and followed by rinsing. After cleaning agent settle in the carpet for a short duration, the carpet will be “washed” by a carpet cleaning equipment to rinse the cleaning agent thoroughly and finally left to dry in room or air conditioned temperature

An average sized carpeted office of 3000 sq ft would normally take about 2 hours to clean and will take at least 4 hours to dry. Most cleaning companies would advise carpet to be cleaned in the late afternoon so that after cleaning is done, the carpet can be left to dry over night and office operation can resume back to normal the next morning.

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning uses hot water applied to carpet fibers with a high-pressure wand. The hot water and pressure both work to dissolve thick dirt, mud, dust, and other debris from carpeting, allowing it to be extracted easily. Steam also “fluffs up” matted carpet fibers so that your home’s carpeting looks fresher and feels softer underfoot.


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